Dear Prayer Partners,
Update on the Hoover’s…
I talked with Nedra’s cousin this morning and she said Nedra will probably be moved to a rehab/care center today. She broke her wrist, a lot of bumps and bruises, and some minor burns.
Clayton is stable but received severe burns over 45% of his body. Seems he will have a long recovery in the hospital.
Nedra’s biggest concern was for the gas company employee. She was talking to him about Jesus prior to the explosion and found out that he is a single parent raising a teenage daughter. She went back into the house to get a copy of “More Than a Carpenter” to give to him. She was sitting at the kitchen table signing the book and writing a personal note to the gas man when the explosion happened.
Soon after the explosion a neighbor came and tried to get in the house to check for survivors. Nedra cried out, “Don’t come in here, it’s to dangerous! The neighbor responded, “I’m coming to get you.” Nedra replied, “I’m a Christian and if I die, I’m going to heaven, don’t put yourself in danger, I’ll be ok.” The neighbor replied, “I’m a Christian too, so if anything happens, you’re not going to heaven by yourself!” And with that, he went into house and brought her out to safety.
The only information I could find out about the gas man was that he had severe burns on his hands. Please continue to pray for him and his family as well.

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