Dec 3 2021


Dear Prayer Partners,
Last February Bud & Becky Gast asked us to pray for their daughter in law, Grace, that lives in El Cajon, California. Grace is in need of our prayers again. She has kidney stones that are causing a lot of pain. Please pray for relief and that the stones pass with no need of any medical procedure.
Thanks and God bless

Dec 1 2021


Dear Prayer Partners,
Thank you for praying for Don Davis and please continue to pray for his family. I just received an update this afternoon that Don passed Sunday evening.
God bless.

Nov 29 2021


Dear Prayer Partners,

  Here’s an update from Joyce Newby…

Bro Ron,

  Happy to report that I am doing great!  Kyle is still tired but ok.  My niece is not as tired as she has been, she still doesn’t have any taste or smell.  She took me down yesterday for a visit with Charlie.  He is looking better but still really tired.  The doctor said that he can come home Tuesday!  The concern is walking up the ten steps from the garage to the main level and also seven steps up to the bedroom.

  I can truly say that prayers have seen Charlie through this trial and saved his life!  I am rejoicing and praising God for all people who stood beside us and prayed.

  Please pray for Charlie as he comes home that he will be able to function in our home and his blood pressure will be normal.  Also pray that I will have the strength needed to care for him.

  Thanks to you, Cheryl, and all the Prayer Partners for your steadfast on going prayers.  They were the turning point in this trial.

  We serve a mighty God and he cares for each of his children. To God be the glory‼

  Joyce Newby

Nov 17 2021


Dear Prayer Partners,

  Missionary David Daniel asked us to pray for him…

Brother Ron,
I had surgery to correct drooping eye lids. This is a corrective surgery and now I need to use ice packs on and off every 15 minutes for 48 hours. It’s going to be tough so asking for prayers… 1. Pain relief;  2. No infection; 3. Quick healing with great results.

 Thanks in advance, David


UPDATE on Alex Deford…

  Alex is still in an induced coma while they are trying to dissolve the blood clot in his brain.  It’s not clear yet how much damage has been caused by the stroke.


Please remember to pray for the meeting at FBC, Grain Valley tonight.  I’m excited to see what God might do.

God bless my Friends!

Nov 10 2021


Dear Prayer Partners,

  Please add Alex Deford to your prayer list.  He had a stroke this morning and is not doing well.  He was taken to Research Hospital and doctors say Alex has a blood clot in his brain.  He has been intubated and they will try to dissolve the clot with medication.

  Charlie Newby is still in Research Hospital.  Not much change but still extremely weak and tired.  Please pray for his morale – it’s very difficult enduring isolation.

  Joyce is still fighting COVID at home and her symptoms seem to be much milder than Charlie’s.  Kyle is still home as well but feeling very exhausted. Joyce’s niece, the nurse who has been helping them, has now tested positive for COVID as well.

  Please keep the entire family in your prayers.

Nov 1 2021


Dear Prayer Partners,
Here’s an update concerning Joyce & Charlie Newby…
Bro Ron,
Charlie needs our prayers. He is now in Research Hospital. Today we went to get antibodies and I received mine but Charlie couldn’t because his oxygen level was too low. Pray that his oxygen level will come back to normal and that God will grant wisdom and discernment for the doctors as they try to figure out what medication would be the best for him.
Also, I tested positive for COVID yesterday.
The power of prayer is amazing! God bless each one of you Prayer Partners.
Joyce Newby

Oct 21 2021


Dear Prayer Partners,

Yesterday I got a call from a grandmother who is the primary provider for her three grandchildren; ages 11, 12, and 14.  Their mother is a meth addict living on the street and they don’t know where she is.  Their father, an alcoholic, is also on the street and his whereabouts are unknown as well.  Grandma’s brakes went out on her SUV and the estimate for repairs was over $500.  So Cheryl and I went and picked up her car and installed new front and rear brakes.

When we took the car back to her she offered to pay with what little she had.  My response was, “Instead of paying me, I want you to do something for me.  When your grandkids get home from school I want you to ask them a question.  Ask them if they have been praying for Grandma’s brakes?  If they say ‘no’, ask them why they didn’t pray.  If they say yes, tell them God answered their prayers and Grandma’s car has brand new brakes and it didn’t cost a cent.”

I got a call last night from Grandma and she did what I ask.  The 14 year old said, “Yes Grandma, I’ve been praying.”  She began to weep and said she was so glad that her prayers were answered.  Then she asked her grandma, “Now can we pray for Mom and Dad again?”

Would you join me in asking God to help this family?  Please pray for the salvation and deliverance of the parents.  Please pray for the provision of this grandmother and her three grandchildren.  If I hear any news from the grandmother I’ll be sure and send an update.

Oct 19 2021


Dear Prayer Partners,
Leo McCullough’s memorial service was more of a revival that a funeral… thank you for your faithful prayers.
So many people came for the visitation and took time just to love the family and share words of encouragement.
The attendance for the memorial was tremendous. Lee Sisney did a wonderful job of leading us in worship. Jamie McCain sang “I bowed on My Knees and Cried Holy” just before I shared the message and as best as I could count, 17 people prayed to receive Jesus as their Savior.
Thank you again for praying for this family.

Oct 18 2021


Dear Prayer Partners,

  Tuesday morning I’ll be sharing at the funeral of a good friend and fellow church member, Leo McCullough.  About a month ago Leo asked me if I would come to his house and visit for a little while.  When I arrived our Pastor, Randall Stotts, was there also.  Leo fought cancer for a long time and he realized he was getting weaker.  He wanted to be sure that when his time came, there would be no guessing what he wanted to take place at his memorial service.  So tomorrow morning we will do our best to fulfill the dying wish of a good friend.

  Please pray for Leo’s wife, Shirley, and their family.

  Visitation will be at First Baptist Church, Blue Springs, Tuesday, October 19th, 10 – 12 with funeral service at 12.


This request comes from our friend Faneta Craig…

Dear Ron,

  Please pray for my daughter, Martha.  She was in the hospital for several days with pneumonia but was sent back to her apartment yesterday.  She is better but not completely well.  She is to start Home Health Care tomorrow.  Please pray for me also since I will be helping her too.

  Thank you and God Bless!


Oct 13 2021


Dear Prayer Partners,
Something happened this morning at Bill Robertson’s memorial service that made a deep impression on me. His funeral was at the Missouri Veterans Cemetery at Higginsville, MO. They have a very small chapel so the Honor Guard stands in formation outside until the end of the service and then they give a volley of gun fire, play taps, and then fold and present the US flag to the family. I have officiated many funerals that ended with military honors, but this is the first time that the men and women of the Honor Guard had to stand at attention outside in pouring rain while everyone else sat inside the chapel. Not one of them complained but instead thanked the family for the military service of their loved one.
I wish our elected officials paid the same level of respect to our veterans as that Honor Guard did.