Jul 22 2021


Dear Prayer Partners,

  David Carter’s funeral service went well today.  4 people prayed to receive Jesus as their Savior.  Please continue to pray for Crystal and the family.

The following comes from our missionary friend in Cape Girardeau, MO, David Daniel…

Dear Ron,

  Please pray for a friend in Kentucky, John Mitchell. He has massive ulcers on both legs above his ankles that are getting bigger.  John is a believer however his wife is not.  They have a son named Travis who has ALS and is bedridden.  Travis can communicate very little by blinking his eyes.  Please pray for the many needs this family has.

  Thanks in advance, David

Jul 22 2021


Dear Prayer Partners,

  This afternoon I’ll be conducting David Carter’s funeral service at FBC, Blue Springs, at 1:00pm.  Please continue to pray for his wife, Crystal and their family.

  Our friends and fellow Prayer Partners, Bud & Becky Gast asked that we pray for their grandson Brock.  He lives in San Diego and last night Brock’s best friend committed suicide. Brock is not a Christian and Becky is hoping that this will cause him to consider his need of a Savior.

This Sunday I’ll begin revival services at Antioch Baptist Church in Centralia, MO with Pastor Eric Hill.

Cheryl’s aunt Dorothy’s funeral will be next Wednesday at Lone Jack Cemetery.  I’ll be conducting the graveside service.

Thanks for your faithful prayers! & God bless

Jul 20 2021


Dear Prayer Partners,
Cheryl and her sister Shelia have been caring for their aunt Dorothy for the past several months. Dorothy fell and broke her knee cap and shattered the bones in her leg. She has been in a rehab center and her leg was healing well, but dementia began to overwhelm her.
Last night Dorothy suffered a heart attach and died very unexpectedly. Please pray for Cheryl & Shelia as they take care of all the details.
God bless & thanks for your prayers

Jul 14 2021


Dear Prayer Partners,
Shelley Willard is a good friend and asked us to pray for her family. Her father-in-law, Clyde Willard, is in Harmony House Hospice and not expected to make it much longer.
Thank you and God bless

Jul 9 2021


Dear Prayer Partners,
We’ve been praying for David Carter for the past few years as he has courageously battled cancer. Today David won his battel and was healed eternally. He entered the gates of heaven early this afternoon. Please continue to pray for Crystal as she makes memorial service plans.
God bless and thanks for your faithful prayers.

Jun 26 2021


Dear Prayer Partners,
Tomorrow morning I’ll be preaching at Bear Creek Baptist Church, just south of Holden, MO. Please pray for open, receptive hearts and that someone might come to Jesus for salvation.
God bless & thanks for your prayers!

Jun 16 2021


Dear Prayer Partners,
This request comes from Rev. Jack Slade, Cornerstone Baptist Church, Lamar, MO…
I have a new Deacon, Donald “Jim” Sorden, who was taken to ER last Saturday, finding a blood clot at the lower part of the brain and top end of spine. Serious headaches.
He was air lifted to Cox South Springfield and suffered a stroke, yet slowly doing better.
He now has Esophagus Swelling, and thus a shortage of breath etc.
He has several more issues but I’ll stop and ask for prayer. He is close to God and to us. We would love to see Him pull through this if it be His will.
Thanks, Pastor Jack

Jun 10 2021


Dear Prayer Partners,
This request comes from our friends in Texas, Paul & Candy Humber…
Bro Ron,
Please pray for Cade Alford. He is the son of a man who is a close friend of Paul’s. He works with his dad moving portable buildings. Today he was under a portable building and the front porch of the building fell on him. He has multiple injuries and is currently being transported to a hospital in Houston. He has several broken ribs, broken back in two places and broken tail bone. Thanks in advance for your prayers!

Jun 6 2021


Dear Prayer Partners,
Last week one of our Prayer Partners, Mark Magel, died. He attended Cross Creek Baptist in Oak Grove, MO. I’ll be sharing his funeral service Thursday evening at Cross Creek. Visitation 5:30 – 7 pm with the funeral following.

David Carter has been on our prayer list for sometime now. David has been battling cancer for several years and recently the cancer became very aggressive. It is no longer responding to treatment and the doctors told David they have done all they can do. Please continue to pray for God to preform a miracle. David’s wife’s name is Chrystal… please pray for her as well.

Next Sunday I’ll be preaching at New Liberty Baptist in Lone Jack, MO and then on the 27th I’ll be preaching at Bear Creek Baptist in Holden, MO.

God bless and thanks for your prayers!

May 25 2021


Dear Prayer Partners,
Please add my friends Lillie & Bill Dudley to your prayer list. Lillie fell yesterday and broke her hip. She is in the hospital awaiting surgery.

Cathy Welchert attends Living Stones Baptist Church in Blue Springs and I received the following from her this afternoon…
Bro Ron,
Please add my youngest daughter, Heather, to your prayer list. She is 34, a drug and alcohol addict. She has been in rehab several times but leaves before she finishes the program. I haven’t heard from her for a couple of years and just out of the blue she texted me.
Please ask the Lord to remove all the bad influences from her and that she will allow Jesus to have full control of her life.