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A Snowball Rolled Through My Kitchen… Lessons Learned While Living Life by Ron Mills

Ever had one of those days when everything just seems to fall apart right before your eyes? One of the kids gets sick. The refrigerator conks out. Your oldest child just wanted to see if his sneaker would really fit in the garbage disposal, he doesn’t know how it got turned on. And not only did you not get that promotion but the word “Downsizing” took your job. Ever had one of those weeks? Months? Or maybe years? There’s a word that perfectly describes those kinds of events – LIFE!  $10.00

Sermons on USB Drive $5.00 ea

Appointments Hebrews 9:27
Blind Bartimaeus Mark 10
Born Again John 3
Bruised Reeds & Smoldering Lamps Isaiah 42
Controlled By The Spirit John 8
Crippled Christianity Acts 3
Darkness Genesis 1
Father Daughter Banquet Ephesians 6:4
First Love  Revelation 2
The First Miracle,  John 2
From Empty to Engulfed  Luke 5
How To Get Rid of Guilt  Matthew 27
I’m Not God  Numbers 23
In Due Time  Romans 5
The Just, Shall Live, By Faith  Habakkuk 2
The Lord is My Shepherd, That’s All I Need  Psalm 23
My Story  Proverbs 14
Reconciled Reconciles 2 Corinthians 5

Revival in a Cemetery Ezekiel 37
Rivers Of Living Water John 7
Sheep, Silver, & Sons Luke 15
Sinking Sailors in a Sea of Sickening Sameness Matthew 14
Storms Mark 6
Through The Eye Matthew 6
Too Soon To Quit 2 Corinthians 4
The Unpardonable Sin, Luke 12
Untie That Donkey Luke 19
What’s Your Story? 1 Corinthians 15
Where Did Jesus Go When He Died? Luke 23
Why Are Families Failing? Ephesians 5
The Withered Hand, Luke 6
You Are What you Eat 1 Kings 18