Dear Prayer Partners,
I received the following prayer request from some dear friends, Linda & Adrian Lemen…
Please be in prayer for our great-grandson, Braden. He had a car accident today and rolled his car. He came over a hill and there was loose gravel on the road that caused him to slide off the road and the car rolled over. He was taken to hospital and checked out and seems no serious injuries just bumps on head and arms.
However, there were three others in the car with him; two had on seat belts, but one girl did not. She was ejected from car – not sure how, windows and sunroof were open. She was taken to Children’s Mercy to be checked out – bad cut on her head, fractured skull, broken eye sockets, and brain bleed. The other two had no issues and their parents took them home. Traumatic thing for these kids so please pray for all four of them and their families.
One other issue – Braden has liability insurance but that won’t cover his passenger’s medical expenses.
We believe in the power of prayer. Thanks all you faithful Prayer Partners.

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