Dear Prayer Partners,
I’m feeling much better, and the coughing has finally begun to subside. I have noticed that if I breath in cold air or especially drink something cold, that sets off a coughing attack. So, I’m drinking a lot of hot tea! Thanks for your prayers.

Please pray for fellow Prayer Partners and dear friends, Adrain & Linda Lemen. I received the following from Linda this morning…
Please pray for our family as Adrain’s daughter Stephanie who lives in Hudson Wisconsin passed away last night. We don’t have any details of what happened but do know she is with Jesus, so that helps with the shock.
Also, his sister Edith is having issues, so he has taken her to a facility for evaluation. We really need your prayers.
Thank all you Prayer Partners, Linda

Update on Larry McCarty…
Larry has been moved to the Rehabilitation Center of Overland Park. They have him walking the halls and he says he gets tired, but it feels good.
He has also developed drop foot… most likely nerve damage from being in bed so long.
Please continue to pray for his wife, Pat.
Larry’s family said to thank everyone for all their prayers, cards, phone calls, and visits.

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