Dear Prayer Partners,

  We’ve been praying for LaVona Perkins daughter in Florida, Joanna Collins.  Here’s the latest update from Joanna’s husband Scott…

  Ok gang we are 2 appointments through the day and our first appointment went really well. Dr. Nolan is the neurologist and is very pleased with Joanna’s progress.  We then met with Dr. Norton, and it could not have gone better. His description of her condition was, “all she has is bone cancer.”  The liver and lymph nodes show a small number of lesions and that is literally at this point not a concern. All other organs are great, and she is considered healthy aside from the bone cancer.  She is going on Xeloda, which is a chemo pill. They will monitor very closely and if the drug is not achieving the results, she will go on Enhertu. I will give more of an update later about insurance etc. with Enhertu and Xeloda. Dr. Norton is a warm soul who is caring and confident. His words as we left were, “don’t worry, we have a plan.”  Then he gave us a big “two thumbs up!” Scott

  Great news!  Keep praying & God bless

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