Dec 7 2022


Dear Prayer Partners,
Becky Gast’s leg is doing much better. Swelling has subsided, the pain is gone, and she is able to walk. She is taking the medication the ER doctor prescribed but can’t get in to see her regular doctor until next month. I’ll be praying that her regular doctor will merely confirm everything is good.

Dec 5 2022


Dear Prayer Partners,

  I received the following from one of our Prayer Partners, Joyce Newby…


  I would like for you to place my son Kyle on the prayer list.  He is going to the doctor on Wednesday to find out more about a heart test he has taken.  The test showed his main heart artery is headed for trouble and he could have a major heart attack coming on.

  I want to thank each of the Prayer Partners in advance for the comfort of knowing they are praying for my son. 


Dec 5 2022


Dear Prayer Partners,
Please add a dear friend of mine, Ray Hildebrand, to your prayer list. He has been diagnosed with acute dementia. It came on fairly quick and he doesn’t recognize friends or respond to very many things.
I first met Ray about 40 years ago at KC Youth for Christ. He was kind enough to introduce me to Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Prison Fellowship Ministries which led to many opportunities and opened many doors for me.
We also had opportunities to work together at several local churches, Chapel services at FCA, television, and radio programs.
Ray and Paul Land ministered together in music evangelism through all those years and have been greatly used by our Lord Jesus.
If you’re not familiar with his ministry, you can visit his web site and have a little insight of how to pray for Ray and his family…
Thank you in advance for your prayers for this dear brother.

Dec 5 2022


Dear Prayer Partners,
Please pray for one of our fellow Prayer Partners, Becky Gast. Saturday, she began having soreness in her leg and went to the ER. They diagnosed and treated her for a blood clot in her leg and she is to follow up with her doctor.
Thanks for your faithful prayers!

Dec 4 2022

Dear Prayer Partners,
Praise, praise, praise!

Larry McCarty’s ultra sound showed no problems. He is now home – very weak, but doing better. Please continue to pray for him to regain strength.

My sister Donna had to file for custody of her son Chad so she can sign papers and deal with gov. agencies. Her filing was finally accepted by the court and should have a court date soon. Please continue to pray for all the red tape to dissolve so she can get him back to the KC area. This is one step closer.

Keri & Ivan Peterson shared some great news… Their oldest son, Izaiah asked Jesus to forgive him and come into his heart. Welcome to the family of God, Izaiah!

Thank you to all our Prayer Partners for praying for other Prayer Partners! Our God is able!

Dec 2 2022


Dear Prayer Partners,
Please continue to pray for fellow Prayer Partners, Adrain & Linda Lemen. This week Linda began to have some stomach problems and can’t keep anything down. Adrain had to leave Linda at home, and he went to Wisconsin to attend their daughter’s funeral. My heart hurts for their entire family at such a difficult time.

Larry McCarty is finally at home! Please continue to pray for continued healing and that he can regain some strength.

God bless dear friends and have a great week.

Nov 26 2022


Dear Prayer Partners,

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. We had our celebration on Friday and had a wonderful dinner.

Please continue to pray for Adrain & Linda Lemen’s family. Edith (Adrain’s sister) is still in hospital. Please pray for her as they figure out what is going on and how to help her. Pray for the doctors to have wisdom as they evaluate and come up with a treatment plan.

Larry McCarty is now dealing with some new symptoms and will be having a sonogram of his stomach and gallbladder. Thank you for your continued prayers for Larry… he’s had a long battle with his health.

Nov 23 2022


Dear Prayer Partners,
Cheryl & I are praying that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration!
God has been so very good to us this past year by answering so many of our prayers and I for one am extremely thankful for His amazing grace!
I am also extremely thankful for the time you spend in prayer for all the needs I email to you each week.
God bless my friends!

Nov 21 2022


Dear Prayer Partners,

Larry McCarty had a chest x-ray to check progress on his lung healing and found he has pneumonia. They will give him treatment at the rehab facility and hopefully not have to go back to KU. Please pray the pneumonia clears soon and he gets stronger.

Please continue to pray for Adrain & Linda Lemen and their family…
Adrain’s sister, Edith, has been admitted to the hospital. They are trying to take care of some physical issues as well as anxiety and confusion. Adrain is going to talk with the doctor today to decide next steps for her.
The funeral for Adrain’s daughter, Stephanie will be December 3rd. Please pray for safety for all who will be traveling to the Minneapolis area for the memorial service. Please continue to pray for Stephanie’s husband and son as they move forward without her.

God bless and thank you for your faithful prayers and concern for others needs.

Nov 18 2022


Dear Prayer Partners,
I’m feeling much better, and the coughing has finally begun to subside. I have noticed that if I breath in cold air or especially drink something cold, that sets off a coughing attack. So, I’m drinking a lot of hot tea! Thanks for your prayers.

Please pray for fellow Prayer Partners and dear friends, Adrain & Linda Lemen. I received the following from Linda this morning…
Please pray for our family as Adrain’s daughter Stephanie who lives in Hudson Wisconsin passed away last night. We don’t have any details of what happened but do know she is with Jesus, so that helps with the shock.
Also, his sister Edith is having issues, so he has taken her to a facility for evaluation. We really need your prayers.
Thank all you Prayer Partners, Linda

Update on Larry McCarty…
Larry has been moved to the Rehabilitation Center of Overland Park. They have him walking the halls and he says he gets tired, but it feels good.
He has also developed drop foot… most likely nerve damage from being in bed so long.
Please continue to pray for his wife, Pat.
Larry’s family said to thank everyone for all their prayers, cards, phone calls, and visits.