Dear Prayer Partners,

  Thank you for your continued prayers for my nephew, Chad.  A little background so you can understand the context of his situation… Tests revealed that Chad does not have a brain tumor.  However, he has abused alcohol for a long time and the abuse caused the seizure and major loss of brain function.  He is now in a Medicaid facility in the Chicago area.  He is able to talk, but having hallucinations, difficulty following any train of thought, and little too no coordination of body movements.  At this point it’s uncertain if he will ever recover.  It’s my prayer for God’s grace, mercy, and miraculous healing.

  Donna (my sister) is hoping to get him moved to a facility in Missouri, but there’s lots of red tape dealing with Medicaid in Illinois.  For the immediate, she is hoping to get him transferred to a facility on the Illinois side of St. Louis… that would be 5 hours closer to the KC area.  Please pray the Lord will help with that.

  Thank you so much for your faithful prayers and may God bless.

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