Dear Prayer Partners,

Yesterday I got a call from a grandmother who is the primary provider for her three grandchildren; ages 11, 12, and 14.  Their mother is a meth addict living on the street and they don’t know where she is.  Their father, an alcoholic, is also on the street and his whereabouts are unknown as well.  Grandma’s brakes went out on her SUV and the estimate for repairs was over $500.  So Cheryl and I went and picked up her car and installed new front and rear brakes.

When we took the car back to her she offered to pay with what little she had.  My response was, “Instead of paying me, I want you to do something for me.  When your grandkids get home from school I want you to ask them a question.  Ask them if they have been praying for Grandma’s brakes?  If they say ‘no’, ask them why they didn’t pray.  If they say yes, tell them God answered their prayers and Grandma’s car has brand new brakes and it didn’t cost a cent.”

I got a call last night from Grandma and she did what I ask.  The 14 year old said, “Yes Grandma, I’ve been praying.”  She began to weep and said she was so glad that her prayers were answered.  Then she asked her grandma, “Now can we pray for Mom and Dad again?”

Would you join me in asking God to help this family?  Please pray for the salvation and deliverance of the parents.  Please pray for the provision of this grandmother and her three grandchildren.  If I hear any news from the grandmother I’ll be sure and send an update.

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