Dear Prayer Partners,

  Mark & Rhonda Gilstrap have been close friends for approximately 40 years and they have served faithfully on our board of directors since day one of Ron Mills Ministries, Inc.  They have also been Prayer Partners since the beginning and prayed for many of you when there has been a need.  A few weeks ago Mark suffered a mild stroke caused by type 2 diabetes.  He had no warning sings or symptoms and didn’t even know he had diabetes.  His speech has been slightly affected in that he has to slow down and think carefully about his words.  If you didn’t know Mark well, you wouldn’t even know anything has happened.  He has also experienced a slight loss of strength in one of his hands.

  He has had numerous tests and begun a regiment of rehab exercises for strength, coordination, and speech.

  Please pray for a complete and speedy recovery for Mark.

  Thank you for your faithful prayers & God bless!

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