Dear Prayer Partners,
Many of you know Bub & Barbara Lee. They are music evangelists that live here in Blue Springs and are members at Calvary Baptist Church. Over the years the Lee Family and I have done more revival meetings together than I can remember. The Lee’s, especially Barbara, need our prayers.
Here’s a quote from Bud’s Face Book post… “Tuesday morning Barbara woke up with her blood pressure soaring at very high numbers. After calling her Doctor, she suggested we take her to the emergency room. Barbara suffered a couple of mini strokes that were caused by her blood pressure spiking. But there is SOOOO much good news. She has NO permanent damage. NO paralysis. NO internal bleeding. NO need for surgery. She has feeling and movement on the right side of her body even though it is weak and will need therapy. Her speech has been affected and will need rehab, but she is alert and responsive. We are expecting FULL recovery from this.”
Thanks for praying for my dear friends.

This next request comes for a friend in Texas, Candy Humber…
Please ask your Prayer Partners to pray for Smitty. He is a young man in his early 30’s with a wife and 3 small children. He has been life flighted to a hospital in Houston. He has COVID-19 and pneumonia. He has been on a ventilator for several days. Please pray for a miraculous healing! His wife also had it, but is doing okay now.
Thanks, Candy

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