Dear Prayer Partners,
I received the following from Nydia Knight…
We just got the news that our next door neighbor’s son was the boy killed at the north Blue Springs McDonald’s on Monday night. I have no details other than to know they need prayers. I know it will be financially hard on them to pay for a funeral and I know losing a child is devastating no matter what age.

Please pray for Cheryl’s aunt, Dorothy Brown. She was in the hospital this past weekend with numerous problems (blood loss, abdominal pain) and has several follow-up doctor appointments this week. She also has several cracked vertebras in her back but because of severe osteoporosis surgery is not an option. And she recently had a pacemaker installed and still having problems including severe swelling in her legs.

Please pray for a couple in our Life Group, Jack & Debbie Tennison. Debbie’s mom died this morning.

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