Dear Prayer Partners,
It’s been a busy day. It’s a tremendous comfort to know that nothing ever takes our Lord by surprise.

Bob & Linda Thorpe have been long time friends and Prayer Partners. Bob has been a resident at the Veterans Home in Warrensburg, MO for sometime and at 6:15 this morning his faith became sight. Please pray for Linda and family as they deal with making memorial service arrangements.

Please pray for the family of our friend Faneta Craig. Her grandson, Evan Jackson, died on October 2nd. Evan’s parents are Debbie & Everett Jackson.

A friend (who asked to remain anonymous) really needs prayer… several months ago his wife died. Then his health has had him in and out of the hospital several times. He has been staying with a family member while convalescing and just discovered someone broke into his house and robbed him.

Cheryl’s brother in law, Bob Carrillo was just notified that his sister, Linda died. We have had Linda on our Prayer Partners list for about a year as she has battled cancer.

I know this is a lot to bring to you at one time. Thank you for your prayers.

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