Dear Prayer Partners,

  David Carter has had a rough couple of weeks with his chemo. This coming week he will have his 4th round of chemo and we need to continue to pray that his nausea stays in check. He has chemo treatments every two weeks. After this round he will have CT scans and then more chemo for an undetermined length of time.


  Here is the latest update on Micah Veanes in Galveston. Dave says Micah continues to improve. He is undergoing physical therapy each day. The main prayer requests are for healing in his face where he had skin grafting. It is looking good, but he has had some problems with open wounds, which they treat with silver nitrate and it is quite painful.

  Also, he is still having a lot of pain and weakness in his ankles when he tries to stand. He is able to pivot now and use his left arm to transfer from the bed to a wheelchair, but standing is still a problem. Pray for strengthening in his ankles and less pain.
  Thank you for loving, caring, and praying for this family.

  God bless & thank you for your prayers.

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