Dear Prayer Partners,
Here’s a couple of updates…
Richard Knight is not not doing very well. Nydia has had to enlist the help of Hospice for his care. Please continue to pray for them.

Here is the latest on Micah Veanes in Galveston:
Peggy got to be in the room with him this week! She said Micah is doing good. His face is healing well and looking good after the skin grafts. He is making progress in Physical Therapy. He can now stand (with help) for 5-6 minutes. However, this is very painful as his feet & ankles really hurt. Please pray for his ongoing therapy and the pain that goes with it.
They had to make an incision in his right arm where he will ultimately be fitted with a prosthesis, and that is also quite painful. Pray that he will quickly heal.
Also Dorothy is coming back home to Lebanon soon. Hannah is going to Galveston to pick her up. Pray for safe travel.
As always, the family is thankful for all the prayers, love and support. Each of you are a tremendous blessing to them!

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