Dear Prayer Partners,
Here’s an update on Micah Veanes…
Micah is having some more skin grafts done this week on his cheeks and right arm. He is also continuing to do physical therapy. He is getting stronger but it is a slow process. He is able to extend his legs to about 60 degrees now but It is a painful process. Ultimately, when he is able to sit up, stand and pivot on his own, he will be transferred to an apartment style room on the seventh floor. Pray for Micah as he continues his daily therapy.
Also pray for Dave, Peggy, and Dorothy. As of tomorrow they will have been in Galveston for two months and needless to say it has not been easy. Even as Christians, It is easy to be overwhelmed and filled with anxiety. Pray for supernatural peace for them.
Finally, they are very thankful for the Lebanon School District as they are going to help Micah keep up with his core classes via distance learning as he will soon begin his sophomore year of high school. Truly amazed by the love and support of their community, church, and friends.

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