Dear Prayer Partners,

Update from Dave Veanes June 17th …

 Pray for Micah’s appetite! He’s got to gain some weight. He lost another pound and is now down to 126.
   Also pray for him as he endures a daily “bath” where his nurses remove the dead skin. It is a painful, yet necessary process.
    And pray for him to have strength and peace from the Lord. He has had a great attitude but lately has been down a little mentally. Pray for the Lord to lift his spirits.
   The skin grafting is going well but that is also painful. His calves are healing and the doctors believe this was successful!
Pray for Dave, Peggy, and Dorothy that they would remain strong physically, spiritually and emotionally during their time in Galveston.

Update from Dave Veanes June 22nd

   Here’s a Monday afternoon update from Galveston: Micah Veanes has more skin grafting tomorrow on his neck, shoulder and arm. They’ve started a little PT as he has been sitting up and they have moved a special bed into his unit to help him have the sensation of standing.
   Please pray that Micah continues to have a good appetite (he did eat better today). Also pray that he will have good balance on his feet when he begins physical therapy.

   Thanks again to all the Prayer Partners who continue to lift this family up each day!

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