Dear Prayer Partners,

Update on Micah Veanes…

  Micah had another exploratory surgery this morning and both calves are healing perfectly! The muscle looks good, and the suture lines look good! They also took out staples from the skin grafting that was done on his neck and chest Wednesday and the skin lines look really good!
  So now they are moving into phase two, which is the rest of the skin grafting. Then when that phase is done, phase three is physical therapy.
  So things are progressing well and Micah continues to have a great attitude and they are very thankful that this has been a week without any setbacks!
Thanks to everyone for the fervent prayer on Micah’s behalf! The family appreciates it so much. Please keep praying!

  If you don’t have their address and would like to send an encouraging card or note to Micah Veanes and his family, you may send them to Hillcrest Baptist Church, 399 Hoover, Lebanon, MO 65536. They will see that the cards and notes are forwarded to them.

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