Dear Prayer Partners,

Here’s a prayer request from our friend Faneta Craig…

Dear Ron:

  Please pray for the family of Samuel Bernett, from Oklahoma, who passed away.   He and his wife, Donna, have been our very good friends since college. He was a retired Minister from Garnett Road Baptist Church in Tulsa. Before that they ministered in several churches and then were Missionaries in Southeast Asia. His funeral  was yesterday and the graveside service is today, Friday.

  Thank you and God Bless!



Here’s an update on Micah Veanes…

  Micah had his 12th surgery yesterday and they closed both of his calves. They did not remove any muscle nor do any skin grafting on his legs. Please pray that the sutures hold on his right calf so he does not need any further surgery. The left calf should be fine.
  They also did some skin grafting on his neck and shoulders. The Dr’s think his face is healing well and he will have minimal scarring there!
  Please keep praying for his appetite. He needs to eat lots of protein, and his appetite is not always the greatest. His attitude is really good and the family sure appreciates all your prayers and support!

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