Dear Prayer Partners,
Here’s an update from the Veanes’ in Galveston…
Micah has been improving each day. He was awake most of the day today and they have decreased his pain meds.
His kidneys have been functioning just fine since they took him off dialysis last Tuesday. And he has been eating better! Thank you for praying!
The big priority prayer request now is for a final surgery scheduled for Wednesday, where they will close his calves. After this surgery they can begin the skin grafting. Please pray for the surgical team to have discernment on the best way to close the slits.
The muscles look clean and healthy, but the bones are still exposed. He has three layers of sutures and they have not been able to close the gap. The sutures wouldn’t hold and they do not want him to lose any more muscle in his calves, yet it is going to be challenging to close the skin around his calves. Pray that they will be able to do that successfully.

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