Dear Prayer Partners,
This mornings service at Curryville was such a blessing. Several of the deacons and church members commented it was the best revival their church has ever experienced. It is so wonderful to be in a service when the Holy Spirit touches His people and draws the lost to Himself.
Mark & Rhonda Gilstrap have been dear friends for a long time as well as serving on our Board of Directors since our ministry began. About 4:30 this afternoon Rhonda’s Dad, Dale Hauser, went to heaven. Dale was a tremendous believer in Jesus and was always a great source of encouragement. Please pray for Rhonda’s family.
Jack Tucker has been a Prayer Partner for a number of years. His daughter Sarah sent me a note asking that we would pray for Jack as he is very ill. When I get more details I’ll let you know.
Please pray for Eloise Shirk. She has been in the hospital but home now and doing better. Her husband Russell told me she has diverticulitis.

God bless and thank you for praying.

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