Dear Prayer Partners,

Dear Ron & Prayer Partners,
Aspen is 15 and my friend’s granddaughter. She was diagnosed with leukemia at age 3 and we prayed and she was in remission at 6. However, the leukemia came back with a vengeance three months ago. She is really suffering with all the side effects from her treatments and is in isolation at children’s mercy. They were able to find a bone marrow match which she received two weeks ago.
I have never met her but feel like I know her from all the days of praying during her childhood and now. There’s more to this story about the trial her grandmother and family are in besides Aspen.
You will never know how wonderful it was yesterday when I told the family about the prayer warriors in your group that will lift Aspen up. This was indeed a comfort to her family.
Love in Christ, Joyce Newby
Mervin Lockyer was discharged from the hospital February 26, only to wind up in the ER at St. Luke’s East on Friday night with yet another very serious UTI. He is still there and scheduled to be moved Thursday to Acute Rehab. Shirlee said he has not lost as much ground on this trip to the hospital, but needs to be less dependant on assistance.
Shirlee said to tell everyone “Thanks for the prayers; they are the ultimate assist that is keeping us afloat.”
LaVona Perkins is scheduled to be discharged Sunday from Monterey Park Care Center and return home. With a fractured pelvis stairs are very difficult for her and getting into her house involves stairs. Please pray that Jerry can get her into the house without difficulty.
My son-in-law Daniel and grandson Graham are having another round of strep throat. This is the second time for both of them. Tracy has avoided it so far but please pray for them all.
_____________________________________________________ I am officiating Wayne Allen’s memorial service Friday morning… Visitation 10am at Royer’s Funeral Home in Grain Valley, funeral following at 11. Then I leave from there and head to Curryville, MO for a Friday through Sunday meeting. No snow or ice in the forecast for the weekend, thank the Lord!

God bless dear Friends!

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