Dear Prayer Partners,
What something to give thanks for? Remember praying for a baby named Levi? About 18 months ago the people who live across the street from Cheryl & I (Chris & Monica) had a child delivered several months premature. They named her Levi. Levi’s lungs were not fully developed and she has been on a ventilator since birth. They have been ever so slowly weaning her off the vent. I talked with Monica yesterday and Levi made it all week without the ventilator!
Want something else to give thanks for? On one of Levi’s numerous trips to St. Luke’s NICU, Monica reached her breaking point. She went into a bathroom, got on her knees, and gave her heart to Jesus! She told me that her life is radically different… for the better! She is reading the Bible and watching Abundant Life Baptist Church’s internet broadcast every week. She said she is looking forward to the day that Levi is strong enough to go to church!
Keep praying for Chris. He is considering the claims of Jesus but not quit there yet.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving Celebration!

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