Dear Prayer Partners,

I hope you are getting to relax a little on this Labor Day holiday. We have Graham with us today and are having fun with him.

I observed long ago that on holidays there are two types of Churches… The church that everyone comes to when they are visiting family; and the church that everyone leaves because they are going somewhere else to visit family.

FBC, Dearborn, MO is obviously the one everyone goes away from. Yesterday there were only 10 folks in attendance. However, we had a great time! Wonderful time of worship, prayer, study, and praise.

Saturday I was on my way home from a cousin’s funeral and got a phone call telling me that my son-in-law’s Dad, Gary Jones, was killed in a motorcycle accident in Springfield, MO. Apparently someone pulled out in front of him and caused the accident. Please pray for the family as decisions and memorial plans are made. Also, about a month ago Gary’s brother died after suffering from a lingering illness. It has been a difficult time for their mother.

God bless & thanks in advance for your prayers.

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