Dear Prayer Partners,

Things went well at Immanuel Baptist today, however, please pray for this church. There were no visible decisions and no one at the altar. But what really concerns me is the prevailing atmosphere and attitude of despair and defeat.

They are an older congregation who remember years gone by when the building was overflowing with people, folks were getting saved, following the Lord in baptism, families were coming to Christ, etc. Now none of those things are happening. There are only a few younger families attending, no children in Sunday School, and most of the congregation are fighting the challenges of aging. The building is spacious but in serious need of a facelift and updating. To say the least, they are faced with a lot of obstacles.

But on the other hand… what a tremendous potential they have! Right in the heart of Independence with plenty of lost people right in their very own neighborhood! Their location is highly visible and easily accessible.

Please pray for them to hear from the Lord and understand who God has in line to be their next shepherd.

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