Dear Prayer Partners,

I just received a phone call from a friend of mine requesting that we pray for him and his family. He is a pastor here in Missouri so I hope you will understand the need for confidentiality.

Several years ago his grandson, who is now 19, was in a very serious accident. As a result he was on some very strong pain medication and became addicted to them. When he was unable to get more medication he began to abuse illegal narcotics. Sometime around December he took something that almost killed him and has caused serious brain damage. It has completely altered his personality as well as his ability to think, reason, or function. Last week he stabbed two people (one had serious injuries and the other minor injuries) and was placed in a psychiatric facility and this morning was transferred to jail and is being held without bond. He has been charged with assault and domestic violence.

Please pray that God might heal this young mans mind and restore his mental capabilities. Also pray for all family members as their hearts are broken over this tragedy.

When further information is available I will be sure to send an update. Thank you for your prayers.

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