Dear Prayer Partners,

Things were really exciting at FBC, Crocker tonight! Let me explain…

The church hosts a dinner every Wednesday before service and we were just getting ready to eat when in walked Nick Catrow, the director of missions for Pulaski Baptist association. He brought a guest with him, Ishmael Mwilima. Ishmael is one of the chaplains at Fort Leonard Wood. Recently there have been over 200 professions of faith in Jesus at the Chapel services at the fort and well over 20 baptisms in the past two weeks.

As we ate dinner Ishmael told me his faith story. He was born in Tanzania in a community dominated by Moslems. When he was 15 a Southern Baptist missionary came to his town and told him about Jesus. He prayed to God and asked Jesus to be his Savior. His life was completely transformed and filled with joy. He ran home and told his parents about the wonderful good news he had come to know. Their response was, “Renounce Jesus and return to Allah or leave immediately.” For the next three years he was homeless and slept in Mango trees until he could finally make his way to the US. He worked hard at school, citizenship, Bible College, and then seminary. After seminary he joined the Army, became a Chaplin and is stationed at Fort Leonard Wood.

After hearing his story I asked Pastor Robin if Ishmael could have about 15 minutes to share with the church. After Ishmael shared his story I preached a very simple salvation message and gave the invitation. What a glorious time of worship tonight! 2 teenage girls (sisters) professed faith in Jesus and their Dad came to rededicate his life to Jesus! Several other were at the altar as well.

Please pray for Ishmael’s family to be saved. His fathers name is Memba and his mothers name is Safina.

I can hardly wait to see what God might do tomorrow night! Thank you for praying.

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