Dear Prayer Partners,

This is from our friend Donna in Tonganoxie, KS…

Here is an update on my friend’s great granddaughter. I appreciate you all taking time to pray for Frankie – such a struggle for such a little person. But we serve a very big GOD!!

I don’t even know where to begin. They had started chemo on Frankie and she had 4 treatments. The tumor started bleeding and her abdomen was filling up with blood, she went into cardiac arrest. They brought her back from that, stopped the chemo and had to open her up to drain the blood. Transferred her to ICU where she still is. She has had several units of blood now and the bleeding has finally stopped. She is in an induced coma and is on a breathing machine. They are starting to reduce the meds to bring her slowly out of the coma but still give her enough pain meds so that she isn’t in too much pain. Hope that makes sense. They were hoping to start the chemo again today but they didn’t think she was ready for that. She is a real fighter and we thank God for that. Don’t know what more to say other than please continue to pray for her. Prayer is a powerful tool and she has people all over several states praying. God surely has heard our prayers because we still have her but
she has
a long road ahead of her. Love all of you.

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