Dear Prayer Partners,

I need to share a very serious prayer request and ask you to pray, but it needs to be confidential. After you read this I am sure you will understand why I don’t have the freedom to share any names.

I know of a pastor who has a child that has been abusing methamphetamines. The addiction has been going on for 15 years and has almost destroyed the entire family. It seems everyone in the family, (grandparents, parents, aunts uncles, etc.) have different ideas about how to deal with the problem and that has caused everyone to be at odds with each other and in the wake of family turmoil, the child’s drug abuse is still going on.

The child has been through several recovery and rehab programs and still goes back to the drugs. The child is in the hospital now suffering infections and hepatitis C due to use of dirty needles.

Without any more details than that, please pray for this family. Please ask the Father to break the powers of darkness. Thank you so much.

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