Dear Prayer Partners,

Please pray for two of our Prayer Partners. They are both the kind of folks that never complain or say very much, but I know they diligently pray for all the requests that I send. And I know they faithfully pray for me, my family, and ministry.

Lee is one of the sweetest ladies you will ever meet. She works in the office of the dentist I go to and we have known each other and prayed for each other for many years. Please add her and her daughter to your daily prayer list. Here’s a small glimpse of what she is dealing with these days…
Our daughter Kim was in intensive care at St Luke’s downtown in Feb 2016 and they found out both her kidneys had failed during the week she was there. They never figured out what had happened. She never had any kidney or bladder problems previous. She has been on dialysis 3x a week ever since. We went to a meeting about 2 months later regarding kidney transplants and she told us she didn’t want one because of all the side effects. My husband and I were sadden but it really isn’t our choice. With the expense it is over whelming, however her employer still lets her be a full time employee with insurance even though her hours are about cut in half. The great part is she never complains. Yes Ron prayers are always welcome and appreciated. You do learn to trust in our Lord…..Thanks Lee

William Robertson (I call him Bro. Bill) and his wife used to attend the same church Cheryl and I did. Bill is now a resident at Wilshire at Lakewood Care Center. He has a disease that is causing his body to slowly destroy itself. He has to endure a monthly blood infusion to help build up his immune system and it usually takes several days to regain strength after a treatment. I’ve never heard him complain or gripe about his situation, he just simply says that he knows, “God has a plan.”
I spent some time visiting with Bro Bill this afternoon and when it was time for me to go we ended our visit by praying together. I wish each of you could hear him pray. I wish you could meet him and know that when you ask me to send out a prayer request to our Prayer Partners, Bro Bill is praying for you and your concerns.
He didn’t ask me to send this note to you, but please pray for Bro Bill the next few days. He had an infusion today and the next few days will be difficult for him.

God bless each and every one of you and as always… thank you for praying!

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